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The Parish of Ylivieska
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History and newtime


  • Ylivieska became chapel parish in 1643
  • became independent parish in 1861
  • the first church was built in 1653


  Johan Petter Bäckman 1875-1892
  Jonathan Montin 1895-1919
  Kustaa Adolf Vuorela 1922-1924
  Pekka Korhonen 1928-1935
  Iisakki Eemeli Peltonen 1937-1959
  Onni Iisakki Takala 1960-1964
  Aarre Auvo Ilmari Pyy 1965-1983
  Jussi Matias Mäntymaa 1984-1990
  Juha-Heikki Myllylä 1990-1996
  Timo Juhani Määttä


The premises


Building of the last church was finished in 1786. The church was completely destroyed by a fire on Easter Saturday 26/03/2016. The church was designed by Pekka Raudaskoski. The main reparations and paintings have been carried out by architect Julius Basilier in 1892, architect Kaj Englund in 1957, engineer Veikko Sorvisto in 1981 and architect Jari Reponen in 1991.

The 35-registered organ was constructed by the organ factory of Kangasala in 1971

The altarpiece ”Saviour on the cross” was painted by artist S. Wetterhoff-Asp in 1897. The old altarpiece, the photo of which can be seen over the northern door of the church, was painted by Thomas Kiempe in 1780’s.

Parish Centre

The first phase of the parish centre (address: Kirkkotie 2) was built in 1964. It was renovated in 1996, when it also got its name ”parish home Maria”. There is a parish hall, a chapel for church offices, a hall for confirmation studies, a cafe and a kitchen.

The second building of the parish centre was finished in 1974. It was also renovated and partly rebuilt in 1996, when it also got its name ”Pietari”. It included the parish office and the financial office, offices for church social work, work for children, day nurseries, youth work, missionary work and publicity, work-rooms for the clergy and the vicar, a conference room and rooms for children and young people. Pietari had to demolish in 2008 reason of dampness. New office and working house "toimitalo Petari" was finished in 2009. New house contains the premises for all action and offices in The parish of Ylivieska.

The chapel of Suvanto

The chapel of Suvanto was built in Koskipuhto in 1986. There is a church hall, a cafe, a kitchen and club premises.

Chapel and cemeteries

The chapel of the Heikkilä, built in 1936, is situated in Rauhantie. The village cemeteries of Kangas, Kantokylä and Raudaskylä were transferred to the parish in 1973 and they all have a chapel of their own. In addition, there are cemeteries next to the church and the chapel of Suvanto.

The camping centre of Törmälä

The camping centre of Törmälä is situated in Löytty, by the road from Raudaskylä to Sievi. There are good premises for meetings, sauna and catering, and there are beds for 66 people.

The church bells

In the church of Ylivieska, the bigger church bell weighs more than 1000 kilos and has been following inscription:

O come, let us sing unto the Lord:
let us make a joyful noise to the
rock of our salvation.
Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving,
and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.
(Psalms 95: 1-2)


The parish meets the people during their whole life span. There are many kinds of contacts between the baptism, where the baptised is taken as a member of the congregation, and the last service given in the funeral.

Child work meets the youngest members from their first year onwards (cradle class, family club, day club, Sunday school and day nursery work).

Early youth work, youth work, special youth work and confirmation work reach the members over 7 years by arranging club and camping activities.

For adults there are various kinds of Bible and prayer groups. There are also special prayer meetings rising from strong revival tradition, which is still vigorous.

The central activity, the church service, is held on Sundays at 10 a.m. in the church. The clergy, the organists and the churchwardens willingly employ volunteers to share the planning and carrying out of the church service. There’s room for various kind of voluntary work in the congregation.

There are many choirs. In addition to the church choir, children’s choir and youth choir, many other local choirs and bands participate in the activities of the congregation.

Church social work and missionary work are included in nearly all parish work. The parish of Ylivieska has connections specially to Africa and Eastern Europe: there are special missionaries and mission areas and parishes the congregation is attached to. People in need get concrete help from the church social workers, from the family negociations centre and from help by telephone.

The parish office and the financial office are situated in the building ”Pietari”, where you also go if you want to ask about different branches of work, about cemeteries or about taking care of real estate property. When reserving premises you should contact the parish office and in case of catering you should contact the manageress in charge.

Information of connections

The Parish office Terveystie 11 tel. +358 8 - 4118 600

  • Monday-Friday from 9 to 15.00
  • Thursdays from 9 to 17.00
  • Fridays from 9 to 15.00

    The Clergyman on call
    The Church social work office

    The Financial office

  • Monday-Friday from 9 to 15.00
  • Thursdays from 9 to 16.00
  • Fridays from 9 to 15.00

    The Children's day club, Family club, Day nursery and Sunday school office

    The Youth office, direct tel. 044-7118 623 – 044-7118 625

    The Missionary and publicity office

The Home of Maria, Kirkkotie 2, tel. 044-7118630

The Chapel of Suvanto, Renssulantie 12 tel. 044-7118 661 
The Camping centre of Törmälä, Löytyntie 457, tel. 427 194

The Family nogociations centre, Terveystie 11, tel. 425 990

Help by the telephone tel. 01019-0071

Telefax to the church centre tel. 4118 698